Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Soriano's Faulty Creation Week

On an earlier post I revealed how Soriano believes in Evolution and how he seems to keep injecting it into scripture, even when scripture is crystal clear and Evolution strives to kick God out of the creation picture using the "millions of years" fairy tale. Eli Soriano does not believe the Genesis account of creation of  six literal 24-hour days. Instead, he subscribes to the version of Evolution that says it took millions of years for everything to be created. 

Hold on to your seats because the Bible will be under attack by Soriano again. I'll try to show you as plainly and as clearly as possible what is going on so you will see hypocrisy being displayed  by the self-proclaimed "most sensible preacher".

What is 'hypocrisy' anyway? Webster's dictionary says, "a pretense of virtue". Let's analyze that for a moment, shall we? 'Pretense' means "to deliberately create a false impression of something". In simpler terms, it means, 'to pretend'. The other word, 'virtue' is a word that embodies goodness, moral excellence, and chastity. With this short study of words, we now understand what Webster meant. A 'hypocrite' is "someone who pretends to be good". In our day-to-day lives, we encounter people like these everyday. They who say one thing to appear good and virtuous, but does the exact opposite without hesitation or difficulty whatsoever.

Now why would a word like 'hypocrite' be attached to a preacher... and to the "most sensible preacher" at that? I have two answers. One, is that God gave us the capacity to discern between good and evil and right from wrong (thanks a lot grandpa Adam), so identifying false preachers like Soriano would not be difficult.  And two, Soriano himself displays his character for all to see. And it's not a pretty picture, I'm telling you. To be fair, I am not basing this personal preference of what a preacher should be or how he should conduct himself. Besides, the Bible already did that. My words are cheap. I can say the foulest things about somebody like Soriano and it won't mean a thing. But when it is the Bible that talks, it is God Himself uttering those words. The Bible speaks to us as clearly and as straighforward as possible so as to avoid confusion and/or ambiguity. What it calls wrong, IS wrong. What it calls right, IS right. There is no gray line or "in betweens". God would not put anybody in a position of insecurity or confusion.

So why is Soriano a hypocrite?

Soriano SAYS he believes in the Bible alone, yet he dismisses the Biblical account of 6 days of creation. The Bible is very clear that creation took six literal 24 hour days to complete (and this is scientifically backed) and not billions of years as Evolutionists and Soriano would want us to believe. Soriano is trying to inject an evolutionary timeline into God's creation week. His basis hangs on the intentional clouding of the Hebrew word 'yom' (meaning 'day') as a "period of time" similar to saying "in my father's day", or "the day of the Lord". Essentially, Soriano is promoting a theistic evolution stance similar to what is called the Gap Theory.

Sure enough Soriano employs the scriptures saying that "a day is like a thousand years unto the Lord",  a Psalm... a song written with freedom in glorification. Whereas the creation account is a different matter. There is no other nuance of the word 'day' that is appropriate except for a literal 24 hour day. Moreover, any reference to the days of creation week is addressed in singular and definite form "THE first day". That's a definite article. There can be more than one "first day" but there can only be one "THE first day".

Oh by the way, there are Bible perversions that say "a first day" instead of "the first day". These are intentional changes put in by proponents of Evolution. They think that stretching the days would allow the acceptance of the possibility of Evolution being used by God to create everything in the universe. Evolution preaches that death came before sin, while the Bible says that sin came before death. They are polar opposites.. one is definitely wrong and one is absolutely right. Now to believe that the God of the Bible would use Evolution to create, is belief in a different god. This is what Soriano wants... for people to believe in another god. A god that uses Evolution to create. This is a cruel, sadistic, and retarded god. That is not the God of the Bible. The God of the Bible can create by just speaking things into existence. Soriano's version of God is clearly different.

  • Day 3 of Creation.
The Bible tells us that God created all manner of foliage on this day. This would include all the flowering and non-flowering plants,  trees, shrubs, bushes, etc. This alone would show us that there is no period of millions of years before Day 4.  Why? Because on Day 4, the Bible tells us that God created the sun, moon, and stars. The sun is what's responsible for the plants to make food (photosynthesis). It would be very hard on those plants to have to wait millions of years for the sun to come up, right? Soriano should have thought of this if he was indeed as sensible as he is purported to be.   
  • Day 5 of Creation.
The Bible tells us that God created all the creatures of the air and sea on this day. Creatures that swim and creatures that fly. Among these are the countless number and variety of insects. Insects that are responsible for the pollination of plants. How could millions of years be possible in between days 3, 4, and 5 of creation with plants waiting that long? If we were to believe as Soriano believes, plant life would never had been possible. But if we were to keep steadfast to what the Bible clearly says, twenty four hours is not a long time for plants to wait for the sun. Nor is another twenty four hours for the pollinators to do their jobs.

Let us be firm and discerning. Let us guard against false preachers like Soriano who preach a different scripture, a different god, and ultimately a different salvation. 2 Corinthians 11:4 warns us "For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him."
Topics like creation may not be a salvation issue, but any lie purported as truth by a preacher who is exposed as false and openly displays wanton disregard to what scripture says, is the very thing Jesus warned us about.

The Bible is correct folks. It is well to believe that within its pages is the eternal, infallible, and inerrant words of the Lord. It is perfect and worthy to be believed from cover to cover. When it says six days, it MEANS six days. Not millions of years. Don't listen to Soriano's lies. Evolution is the Devil's concoction, it means to take God away from the creation picture and put in millions of years instead. Listening to Soriano is like listening to the Devil himself.