Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Soriano The Evolutionist

"I am part of the animal kingdom." - E. Soriano personal motto

I believe Soriano is an evolutionist. And I also believe that he will deny this claim vehemently and yet unknowingly validate it at the same time. He will try to bob and weave himself from this claim and direct the discussion elsewhere using his method of picking and choosing words from the Bible and then picking and choosing the meaning of the words that best suits his opinions. He will claim to believe only in the Bible but he will also subscribe to evolution all in the same breath. Which by all means is a hypocrite's stance for a supposed man of God. The following is another proof of how Soriano undermines what is Biblical with his opinions.

Evolutionists have long kept and protected their belief of an old earth that has been around for billions of years. Of which they have not one shred of proof. The best they can come up with are two theories. The big bang and evolution of man. Both theories are just that, theories! For something to be called "a science" like this evolution lie they're shoving down our throats, it has to go through the scientific process of proving. They have to be observable, testable, demonstrable, and repeatable. Evolution and the big bang fail in all of these miserably. Evolution is NOT science. It's a religion that willfully takes God away from the creation picture.

Now why do I say Soriano is an evolutionist? Because he will not accept that the earth is just about 6000 years old like the Bible shows us, and instead he would have people believe as he believes through the handiwork of evolutionists, that the earth is billions of years old. Soriano would deny the Bible's account of Jesus's genealogy which is clearly recorded from generation to generation, from father to son, and from Adam to Joseph (Jesus's adoptive father). Why? Because according to Soriano, not all 12 sons of Israel had their genealogies expressed in the Bible. He says Dan's lineage is missing so the Bible is incomplete, and without Dan's lineage, the Bible could not be a book of genealogy and could not be a good record of the age of the earth. So basing the age of the earth according to the genealogies in the Bible would be a "gross miscalculation".

This is a very poor defense for Soriano. One that any layman can take apart. In fact, I'm going to try and crack it wide open. Dan's genealogy is not in the Bible because it is not essential to trace the lineage of Jesus from Adam. Only the essential characters are mentioned even if only so briefly, to keep account of who begat who. Apart from a few notable women characters, the Bible often negates mentioning the mothers. Just the fathers who begat sons. The Bible is also keen in noting at what age fathers begat their sons. The Biblical record of genealogies is amazing. In fact if you chart out the lineage from Adam, you will find that Noah may have met grandpa Adam!

Soriano would then bring up diamonds as elements that need billions of years to be formed. This appears to be a major basis for him to deny a God that can create everything in six 24 hour days. It's not surprising given the fact that Soriano teaches that God is not omnipotent. Apparently, Soriano is not aware that man has been manufacturing diamonds for decades already. Real science has discovered that the right combination of heat and pressure will produce diamonds similar to how diamonds are formed naturally. This proves that it does not take millions or billions of years to form a diamond. Evolution along with Soriano is debunked by real science.

Soriano is subtly attacking the creation account of the Bible. Futile though, because the Bible is perfect, complete, and absolute. By perfect it means it is inerrant, by complete it means it is not missing anything, and by absolute, it means it is the final word on anything. Belief in evolution means you put death before sin, which is directly opposite to what scripture says. Evolution preaches that through death, everything has evolved into today's fittest creatures. The Bible tells us that through Adam, sin entered into the world and then death followed (Romans 5:12 Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin;).

There is no evolution involved in creation. God would not need millions of years to create. God only needs to speak things into existence!