Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Soriano's Ass-umptions

I once chanced upon Eli Soriano arguing with a young man on TV while I was scanning channels for something to watch. It caught my attention mainly because they were talking about God.

Back then I had little knowledge of Mr. Soriano and his ministry (if you can call it that), aware of only minor details and ashamedly only because of the comedy show Bubble Gang where Brod Pete parodies Soriano's broadcasts. This was back in the late 90s or early 2000s. I had no inkling as to the kind of person Soriano was at that time. I never thought a preacher, one who's on TV, could be so fundamentally wrong.

I only caught the end part, but fortunately the channel (owned by Soriano) airs reruns throughout the day. So I got to see the whole thing again.

He begins by citing that God appeared as a man several times in scripture. He says God spoke to Abraham and Moses "face to face". He also mentions Jacob uttering the words "face to face".

"Face to face" in the Biblical sense means "in close communion". Moses conversed with God as if He was physically present. Abraham and Jacob saw angels. The latter even wrestling with one. Yet these instances does not show God but representations of God only. God appears to us in ways that we will be able to comprehend. This is why all appearances mentioned have the words "looked like", "appeared like", "likened to a", etc.

The same can be said when Soriano presented passages from Ezekiel and Revelations saying the images are more detailed in description. He negates the word "like" and all conjugations of it in the passages he read. Furthermore he opines that a throne is seen in Heaven, and God sat on it. Then assumes "God MUST have a behind then". My sixth grade English teacher would have picked him up by his ear for not being able to discern between literal and figurative sentences. "Ruling with an iron fist" must mean a ruler with a fist made of iron, the way Soriano inteprets scripture.

The highlight of the exchange was Soriano's call for the reader to read out Genesis 1:24, "And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness". Then he looks at the crowd as if to signal that the debate was over, because the Bible has spoken. Turning to the young man he snarlingly says, "If you believe you were created in the image of God, and you have a behind, God has one too!" The crowd erupts in cheers while the poor kid was both shocked at the assertions he hears from a supposed preacher and from the adoration of the crowd who were oblivious to the unbiblical stance their prophet promotes.

The Bible nowhere states that God has a behind. All of Soriano's supposed proofs rested on his ASSUMPTIONS, nothing more. Unknowingly, he openly displays his ignorance of scripture! The Bible has spoken indeed, but Soriano's interpretation is NOT what the Bible meant.

I'll explain.

The Bible tells us in John 4:24 that "God is a spirit". So to worship God, we should worship IN spirit. What is a spirit then? According to Luke 24:39, "a spirit hath not flesh and bones". Our physical bodies have flesh and bones but our spirit (which we cannot see) has none of these. The Bible further clarifies in Colossians 1:15 that God (who is a spirit) is invisible. These are back-to-back passages telling us the Biblical FACT that God is an invisible spirit having no flesh nor bone.

It is true that God made us into His own image (spirit). Our spirit is what identifies us with God. We are LIKE God because of our spirit. This is why the Devil is so angry with us. Every time he sees us, he sees God!

Soriano uses scripture to excite his listeners. They are in awe everytime Soriano pulls half-truths left and right. All are shallow, face value interpretations a gradeschooler may forgivably commit. But for such assertions to come from a so called leader, is no laughing matter. Especially with people's souls at stake.

In the end God Himself declares the answer to this with finality in Exodus 33:20, "And he said, Thou canst not see my face: for there shall no man see me, and live."


  1. I hope people who really wants to know God will have the time to read this.

  2. You are also a false prophet brother. Look at what you are telling here, and I quote "This is why the Devil is so angry with us. Every time he sees us, he sees God! "
    Now you see? So, on what bible verse can you find these that when the devil see us, he sees God :p I think you are making your own bible :p

  3. I hope you can have some concrete evidences of all of these blogs you've written.

    Chatting/debating online with those you think members of MCGI is so shallow and unreliable, why.. there's a lot of people who wants to destroy Bro. Eli and pretend to be members of MCGI and intentionally gave false information so that it will appear as if those people received false teaching.

    So far, I am almost finish reading your blogs; but it seems to me you were supplied by wrong information.

    This blog made me comment because of what you said that Bro Eli said that God spoke with Abraham & Moses as a man face to face. That is very unlikely because what Bro Eli taught us is GOD spoke with Moses thru the burning bushes... is burning bushes a man? There is no truth with what you said.

    At first I was convinced that you maybe be a victim of those people who wants to destroy Bro Eli, but reading this blog and saying that you yourself watched it; makes me realized that you are not just speculating with what you get to those chatters but also inventing scenarios just to make your blog convincing.

    Oh maybe even those chatters you mentioned are only result of your exaggeration...

    My suggestion is dig deeper.. attend MCGI activities and ask GOD to guide you and ask GOD with sincere heart... There is no obligation... If after you check and recheck you are still convinced Bro Eli is what you describe now, then you are free to believe what you believe is right.

    Also I do not think you have the right to judge members of MCGI because your belief is based on what you got with unverified chatters... try to be one of us first, with all sincerity to GOD not to MCGI... after that... take note what you have to do is sincere and honest searching... only after doing this you can give your fair and just assessment of the MCGI members.

    May GOD have mercy on you.

    1. You were not moved to comment by your desire for clarification, Mr. Anonymous. You were moved to comment by your adoration of Soriano and/or the MCGI. Let's be real, man.

      If I were misinformed, why don't you enlighten me? You cannot deny that what I have written here came straight from the horse's mouth so to say. You can watch the videos yourself if you want. Conversing online with your fellow MCGI members is just like speaking to Soriano himself. Because there is virtually nothing different in what they say and what Soriano says.

      You cannot deny that the rebuttals I gave are Biblical either. Because they are honest to goodness straight from the Bible. As far as evidence goes... they can't get any more concrete than that.

      I am not judging anyone. It is not my place to do so. I only say what the Bible says. And the Bible says Soriano is a blind leading the blind.


  5. lalangin natin ang tao(LALAKE AT BABAE) ayon sa ating larawan!! kaya kung may puwet ang tao ay may puwet din ang diyos ni soriano!!!! If i were to follw his argument, LALABAS NA ANG DIYOS NI SORIANO AY MAY VAGINA, PENNIS. BAYAG , BOOBS ,PUBIC HAIR AT NIREREGLA DIN ETC.....take notice of this carricature argument of the dukhang pantas!! mga miyembro ni SORIANO, pansinin sana ninyo ang uri ng pangangaral ng sugo ninyo!!!!