Friday, October 28, 2011

Why The MCGI Is A Cult

In this entry I will give the numerous truths that show why Eli Soriano's MCGI (Members, Church of God International) is a cult (like it was not obvious already). I guess it's only fair to explain the basis of this claim using the template that existing cults follow. This is to show that I am not doing this merely to defame or persecute Soriano, but to help open the eyes of the multitudes he has deceived into his fold. I could care less about Soriano and his defenders but the urging of the Holy Spirit is stronger than anything else. And it alone takes the fear, hate, apprehension, and bias away from pursuing this endeavor.

The first characteristic of a cult is the inclination to hold the leader's word as superior to the Bible. Cults will deny what God says in His Word as completely true especially if it goes against their doctrines. They use God's very own words to inject doubt into the minds of followers by weaving half-truths and ambiguity one after the other taken from the same Bible. The explanation and interpretation if Scripture is exclusive to the leader of the cult. Members are not permitted to do so on their own. There is no permission for self study. This is why all questions are directed to the leader. Moreover, they look at their leader as infallible.

The idea that their leader is the "sent" and therefore the "only" person qualified to interpret scripture is as unbiblical as it is cultic. Questioning the leader's word is like going against God himself. Eventually, the followers change their theological point of authority away from God's full and final written Word, the Bible, to the cult leader's own unique, self-promoting opinions about the Bible. They will still use the Bible for convenience. But everything is lip service now. They can try all they want, but Soriano's cult members will have to keep fooling their own minds to deny what this identifier says about their cult. Because it is spot on.

Cults teach that salvation depends upon something other than the Atonement for sins through faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ. For cults, Jesus' sacrifice is not enough to save them from sin and to complete this, human works is injected into their doctrine. The cult's message of salvation is clouded with obedience to requirements declared by its leader, instead of relying on the grace of God alone for salvation. Because of this, there is no guarantee of salvation for the member. The member is continually bound to obligations instead of being spiritually free. Obligations also lead to financial exploitation where the member is brainwashed that money contributed to the cause will be reciprocated substantially.

In order to gain favor with the market they target, they will use ambiguous doctrines meant to deceive rather than enlighten. They will cater to itching ears and say what is popular or what the public wants to hear. Hidden behind these propaganda lies the doctrinal beliefs they will impart once the listener has decided to become part of the cult.

It is a fact that cults will claim at one point or another, that they are the only true church and all other churches are false. They will denounce other groups, even badmouthing specific groups (particularly those that expose their falsehoods). Regardless of the cult, they all claim this exclusivity with God as the only ones who will enter into heaven. A condition is thereafter set, that to become saved, you MUST join their cult. Moreover the leader will surely say that it will be impossible to serve God without becoming a member. That's another bull's-eye for Soriano's MCGI.

Further still, the group leader will claim to be no mere man. He will label himself as the messiah (like Apollo Quiboloy), the sent, the angel of the Lord (like Felix Manalo), a god (like Eliseo Soriano), etc. This is followed with declarations that all others are dishonest, deceitful, from the devil, all the while it is they who exhibit all manner of Satanic characters.

They will welcome blogs like this and call it persecution. Soriano in particular will claim he is being attacked for righteousness sake. He will consider this as evidence that what he teaches is the only and true body of Christ. A member then, will find the weight of the world on his shoulders should he decide to leave the cult. The poor soul will be conditioned to think that to leave the group is to leave God Himself.

There will always be a special discovery like holy literature, communion with the dead, angels, or even God. Sometimes it's a continuing revelation that only the leader is privileged to hear. Such revelations come from hallucinations, visions, dreams, private discoveries, etc.

The last and most important characteristic of a cult in which Soriano's MCGI is again spot on, is wrong understanding of Christ's nature. A cult will usually deny the true deity of Christ, His true humanity, His true origin, or the true union of the two natures in one Person. They will either demote Christ, make Him subordinate, or worse, make Him a creation and not the creator.

My interactions with members of Soriano's cult has always led me conclude that these poor people are like prisoners to the lies of Soriano. He always uses out-of-context scripture as proofs for their doctrines. They focus on one verse or passage of the Bible to the exclusion of others, then limit their understanding to the shallowness and wanton disregard for the true context of Scripture that Soriano spews out. Because of this, the ignorant remain ignorant. The prisoners in MCGI, remain prisoners in MCGI. And they are willingly allowing Soriano to fill their heads with falsehoods. Keeping them from finding the true person of Jesus Christ in the Bible. Keeping themselves from being set free.


  1. well, just like the iglesia ni cristo, the catholicism, Jehovah's witness, etc. This stupid church of God possesses the characteristic of a cult and passed to be a cult. It's such a good blog. I hope that this will be exposed to the deceived poor people.

  2. Replies
    1. kagaguhan at kamangmangan kaming MCGI mga kulto tapos kayong mga sumasamba sa tao at sa hayop, plastik, papel, bakal, ginto, pilak mga sa Dios? malaking kabalbalan naman yata yan pinag tuturo ninyo, mas gusto ko na matawag na kulto kesa sumamba sa mga Dios diosan na sinasamba nyo mga makalaman na gusto puro kalibugan di nyo lang kayang gawin ang ginagawa naming pag papakabanal kaya sinisirahan ninyo ang ministro namin mga baboy at aso!

  3. this helped me opened my eyes, thank you so much.. I was almost deceived...the HS is touching me now...i just know this blog is real. May God protect you.

  4. most of these people say against others but they do not do what they know, and completely deceive of what they exposed, i do not believe these blogger, i find it hard to believe BORN AGAINST! Raise your hand praise the LOL! where can we find in the bible
    that we should raise our hands?? Specifically man-made stupidity!!!

    1. Time is gold its not too late..if you have a bible please read the book of psalms so you will find the raising of hands as a praise...

  5. You do not dig deeper and researched well on its humble beginning. The blogger is talking out of his ignorance of the the mysteries of the words of God. You are not open-minded. You are intelligent but fool on the Holy Scriptures. You have been blinded by your false pastors.

  6. I've been a Member in Church of God International since year 2000.
    > I live and in the Philippines.
    > My father was a former INC Minister
    * with God's grace he also became a Member of this Church.
    > We are so blessed that we were called in this TRUE CHURCH. (my mum, my brother....)

    You were saying...
    "Members are not permitted to do so on their own."?!!
    "There is no permission for self study."?!!

    >We have our own bible to follow the chapters and verses that he reads!

    Indeed! For us he's infallible and no one can contest of what he's saying because he's not basing his answers on his own.

    You also said...
    " financial exploitation where the member is brainwashed that money contributed to the cause will be reciprocated substantially."

    >Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel are reaching even those indigent people in Papua New Guinea (We have lots of brethren there)
    > If money is really they're after... are they going to waste their time and money just to propagate the Words of God in that poor country???

    ..."the group leader will claim to be no mere man."?!
    > Where did you get these packs of lies?!
    > Can you show us a video? Show us your proof!

    Why don't you put him into test, what about a debate with him?
    > I wholeheartedly believe with the help of our Almighty God, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, Brother Eli will prevail.
    Luc. 21:13-15

    1. Following what Eli Soriano reads is not self study Mr. Anonymous. Self study entails cross checking his interpretations against scripture. And when you do such, you will find there is so much fault in what he says. Is that infallibility?

      Infallibility is no man's trait. The mere fact that Eli is human means he is imperfect. To claim infallibility is to claim divinity. Are you not aware that he considers himself a god? Maybe 13 years in the MCGI is 13 years of living with a blindfold?

      Outreach in Papua New Guinea you say? There are more than triple the number of indigents in the Philippines alone. The truth is, he is unable to come home to the Philippines because the moment he steps foot here, he gets arrested for his rape case. If I'm not mistaken he is waiting for the case prescription to expire (maybe 2016), only then will he return.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. To the reply of Wolf in The Henhouse.

    yes you are SO RIGHT.Eli is staying outside the Philippines to avoid his arrest. Ha! Eli will prevail? Its like saying “the God Wannabe will prevail“

  8. Come on man! Just merely reading you didn't understand what I've said?! geez...
    I said "For us he's infallible..." FOR US, FOR US, FOR US, and I'm definitely referring of his teachings... He didn't even claim it himself (that he's sinless), duh!
    What?! "entails cross checking his interpretations against scripture."
    Dude! " will find there is so much fault..."
    > He's reading it IN the bible with supported verses, men!
    Of how you responded, it just appear how faulty you are (sigh)
    Oh! " 13 years of living with a blindfold" - ?!!
    > Certainly, I'M NOT!
    > So, are telling me that you're the good guy here??? With this kind of blog?! you're making him look like ridiculous, by editing his pictures?! I never saw him did something like this... we also didn't because HE'S ALWAYS TEACHING US TO LOVE OUR ENEMIES.
    > I dare you MR. GOSSIPER you can't prove that allegation againts him.
    > ARE YOU BRAVE ENOUGH TO CONTEST HIM; HIS PREACHINGS??? GO ON! I'll just wait...We will wait.
    > I'm just wasting my time here I guess, I so pity you guys.
    * I so appreaciate why until now there are such people like you in this world. It only shows how Merciful OUR GOD is. *

  9. You probably don't know what infallible means then. You see, you are contradicting yourself this very moment. Saying Eli is infallible then saying he is not sinless. Get it?

    You know the saying, when there is smoke there is fire? If Eli is indeed infallible and his teachings are all scriptural, then why are there so many errors found in them. This blog alone exposes enough errors that would make a thinking man consider evaluating the preacher he is listening to. But no, you are defending what you yourself do not understand.

    Debates? Oh, please... Eli Soriano would not last one fair debate. A debate that does not have his minions cheering like a mob behind him. Compare the numerous debates where they say "he won" out of cheering (is this Tanghalan ng Kampeon, where the winner gets the most cheers?) and one conducted on even footing with Dr. Grady. Soriano was exposed not only as a supporter of Evolution (creation without God in the picture), he was also exposed as ignorant about genealogies and concordances. And that was just a 30 minute debate!

    Debate with Soriano? Don't be silly.

    And for your information, this blog is NOT about defaming Eli Soriano... it's about helping people like you who are VICTIMS of Eli Soriano's lies and blasphemies. Because you yourself are passing on lies to your children, leading them to their destruction, the way Eli is leading you to yours.

  10. To the blogger,

    First and foremost i'm not a member of MCGI, which means it would be unbiased for me to react. But i've been a listener and televiewer of their program "Ang Dating Daan". To my own observation after years of watching and listening, I can say that they do not mislead their listeners/viewers because whatever they are discussing is based on the teaching of Christ to the apostles, I strongly disagree in your statement that they stick only to one verse because if you watch their program, Eli almost consume an average of ten minutes in exposing answers from the scriptures for a single question. He also presents those answers from other books within the bible.

    Concerning on believing on himself as a GOD, i disagree with it because to interpret the bible thoroughly requires you to investigate and you should compare your interpretation to others' interpretation. It is a mere fact as human we cannot just depend on ourselves including interpretations. Now, who is the one believing in God, is it the one who open and discuss what is written in the bible and expound it biblicaly or the one who just follow their religious leader without thorough explanation? Eli challenge every one to ask him and he will answer based on what is written which was commanded by God through Christ. He also imply to every guests they have in their program to share their own interpretations! You can see it in series of debates he had attended, i might say he is a cult? but what if he says is in the bible spoken by Christ itself to his apostles? Because everything he explains came from the bible? why i don't dare to ask the priest why are we making the sign of the cross? And why the priest hasn't voluntarily explained it during mass?

    Regarding salvation, on my own understanding on what their group is promoting based on the bible, We are saved from the sin which we had committed through our forefathers Adam and Eve. This sin is punishable by death and it was so. (However rich or famous you may be you will die the same with the poorest one) It is by God's grace that despite our sin (breaking the law by eating the forbidden fruit)God saves us through the blood of his son Jesus Christ. We are saved from that sin, therefore even we die we will be resurrected to face final judgement. If i am already saved why i still have to face final judgement? It is because to believe in Christ is to believe in God. And to believe in God is to follow His commandments, and His commandments to christians are sent though Christ. Therefore, if you believe in God and his son Jesus Christ, you will follow His commandments (the commandments he explained to his apostles) If we will not follow those commandments, this means we don't accept or we nullify the grace God has provided us. It will be like we are requiring Christ to be nailed again! I believe in Christ and his existence, and I believe I am saved. But to prove that claim I should follow his commandments, its like believing in my parents is following their advices and reminders to me to establish good character. Faith without action is dead as the bible says.

    The biggest challenge here within us is, how open we are to accept or to hear different teachings. Why should we have to hear them? It's because its the only way we can investigate what is real, what is based on truth and not just do as what our religious leaders will say. You are using the bible text here regarding false prophets, well that's the point that you have to check if the group you belong is one of them. Some,if not the most, teachings from different groups really hurt with what we have learned and practiced since we were young, but its worth to feel the hurt and the pain if it will lead me to the right track to God, isn't it? Even Eli never guarantee that membership to their group doesn't automatically saves you from the fires of hell. It requires endurance...up to the end.

  11. We can see lots of signs of being a cult to other religious groups, why don't we check first our own group we've been loyal as a member for a long time? you might be awakened! Let's compare it and see the difference, see which is nearest if we cannot be sure of the exact Church God wants us to be with.

  12. I urge you to give it a try to every preacher or religious group you think that are disturbing to you, because the more you are disturbed means you are affected enough and interested. Its the only way you can say what is right for you. The same way I am disturbed of this blog, it gives me interest to dig dipper of what you believe with my belief. Let learn and understand each of us teachings and see which is commanded by God. Let's ignore whoever our leaders are but dwell on the teachings to see further what is right. Because sometimes its the way the preacher's delivery of teachings makes us decide, and not the message, it is in the bible written that dogs (pertaining to church pastors) are the greedy ones have no contentment and uses finest speeches and flattering words that deceived the many.

    1. I will assume that the past three posts came from the same person as the train of thought is obviously in line.

      First of all thank you or taking the time to read through my blog posts and dwelling on them more than the average "Anonymous" would care to. Your reply, which is quite lengthy, and worthy (in content) to share as a blog post of your own, is much appreciated and I assure you, was thought of even before I started this little blog to expose what is false in Soriano's teaching.

      The Bible tells us to examine ourselves if we are OF CHRIST. We determine this through thoughtful and prayerful study of the written word. It is necessary for each and every blog post I publish as it is not only a person's name (Eli Soriano's) that's involved, but the intended audience's souls more importantly. Through this study the truth is revealed... and having known truth, we can discern what is false.

      It is true that NO religion can guarantee salvation. Salvation is a personal matter between God and the believer. So it really does not matter if one is MCGI or INC, or Catholic, or whatever, so long as the person is truly repentant of their sins, received Christ as their Savior and Lord, and lives a Christlike life. But one's church affiliation will undoubtedly influence a believer's understanding of God. This is what this blog is all about.

      You are familiar with the saying that "a chain is only as strong as the weakest link" yes? Say those links represent Biblical truths. And among those Biblical truths are links made of lies mixed in with the truth links. Now say there is a person hanging on to the chain for salvation... is the chain going to hold him?

      This is what I am revealing in these posts... the lies that are mixed in with the truth. Sure, to the average guy Soriano is using the Bible... using multiple verses... exhausting (as you say) Biblical references to sell the doctrine he preaches. But are they all truth links? You can go through all the posts here and you will see that very pattern revealed again and again... lies mixed in with the truth.

    2. Thank you for considering my comment for open discussions regarding our salvation. I agree with your phrases that "lies mixed with the truth" that's the very reason i posted in my comment that our very purpose here is to find out which church is nearest to the truth because as of now it is very difficult to tell which one is the true church.
      For now i will disagree to your stand that there's no need to belong to a church to be saved. My understanding base on my own research is that true religion cannot be automatically identified by its name, its number of members, or scope of coverage. We both believed in the teachings of Christ and promote to practice it as i observe in our discussion. I believe that the true church is the one practicing all what Christ has commanded to the apostles to preach to us. By following those commandments you will become part of the church. Of course it is impossible to belong in the church wherein you are the only one doing the things you think right base on your own biblical interpretation. When you do things in your own understanding while thinking that is the true church, is just the same in making your own church.

    3. Example, before, i believe the same way you do. There's no need to join any church group now to be save, i'll just accept Christ as my savior and follow his commandments, why not? since i can read it and understand it in my own i will just follow it. But later i realized, it will be impossible for me to live not joining any church, unless i'll establish my own church. You know why? to be honest while we still live in this world, we will need each other's help in terms of financial, moral, physical and so with spiritual. I believe that's the reason you made this blog because you want to wake up other people out there and save their souls. My point is, what if you will get marry? to what church you will allow yourself to do the ceremony? how will you baptized? baptism is part of claiming salvation it is in the bible, the apostles did it, Christ commanded them to baptize all nations in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, i don't think anyone baptizing himself. If you got child and he realize the truth, to which church you will have him baptized? If you want to go to a place where you can completely praise Him and continue to hear His words, to which church you will attend? If someone in your family, friends and love one dies, what kind of ceremony or process of burial you will want them to have (unless we'll just bury them by ourselves) You see, we cannot deny that while we are still living here in this world we should be a witness of God's blessing and goodness, and is there any biblical teachings how these things should be done? So far i haven't read a bible verse where Christ teaching saying "follow me by baptizing yourself".

    4. I am a Catholic by my birth certificate but i have give up that since high school because i found so many practices unbiblical, i have attended INC mass and hear how they judge other people who are not their member, so far the closest to the biblical teaching i heard is what Eli Soriano is probing in his program. As of now i'm not a member yet of their church and it take years for me because i have to investigate, i have to compare, i have to open my mind what this man is teaching compare to this man? If i cannot be sure which is the true i'll stick to the closest to what Christ teaches and that can be read in the bible. One of my learning is, understanding the scriptures requires a clean heart, clean conscience, and willingnes to hear what is says even it contradicts to what i've been doing or our priest is teaching. We cannot say we don't have to join a church to be save but we are presently a member of one. And we cannot live alone with spiritual support from others and that "other" is also a member of a certain church. Membership to a church is by following its commandments by its founder, and not all commandments can be done alone. And i believe by doing those commandments, the bible states that Christ is the head of the church and you are the body. "You" here is used to refer to all people which means "we".

    5. Let's not all be judgmental, if we want to see the truth we must be open-minded enough of the different teachings each religious leader is saying, is it the same as of what the bible says? we should set aside our pride and of course it will be favorable to all of us if the blog owners would refrain from using edited pictures of persons here because its the thing that hurts their followers. I believe this blog was made in deep search of truth. Let us help each other by comparing our beliefs and practices in each of our churches. Using unfriendly words and pictures here will not give us peace and to find the truth we should be calm, without grudge to each of us. Just share our faith and discuss it. It is God's authority to avenge in his time. We can tear the dignity of some people here, is that what we think the only way to convince other netizens in search of the truth?

    6. The truth is, the true Church was already established by God, even before we bloggers here was born, therefore, to be save is we have no choice but to join to that church by following the commandments it teaches. Following it until the day we die here in God's time. That means its not a one-shot claim. That's the only way we can assure to be free from the fires of hell. It is very easy to say I accept Christ my personal savior now without considering if what i am doing is in accordance of his commandments. Hear his commandments to Christians and analyze it for yourselves.


  14. To the blogger,

    YOU ARE SO IDIOT!!!!!!!!!... PITTY ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Pity is spelled with one T.

      Congratulations! You just showed everybody how idiots spell.

  15. To Wolf in The Henhouse

    At first, you are merely attacking MCGI. Now you are saying that "no religion can guarantee salvation".
    If you really want to help people, then why not debate Bro. Eli Soriano? Prove yourself correct, or are you just a coward?

    - Lansz

    1. Where is Eli Soriano again?

      Right... he's HIDING somewhere in Southern America pretending to be on some sabbatical or mission. But the truth is he's AFRAID of the standing arrest warrant the moment he steps on Philippine soil.

      Tell me... who's the coward again?

    2. Bro. Eli Soriano is in the Americas, indeed. If he is hiding, would he debate the false preachers there? Or would he conduct several live Bible Expositions on that said continent? He even debates the false preachers in different parts of the world via internet satellite connection.
      It is obvious that you are trying to avoid a debate. I don't know, maybe because you are afraid that you cannot stand your assumptions to him.
      Don't stab any person on his back. It is a cowardly act.

      - Lansz

    3. Stab Soriano in the back? Who's doing that? I'm sure it's not me. Because I am attacking his lies TO HIS FACE. This blog should serve as a big clue already. Boy, you'd make a poor detective.

      And Soriano debating with false preachers in the other side of the world means nothing. That's a case of the "pot calling the kettle black". A person guilty of the very thing of which he accuses another.

    4. Mr. Blogger with the reply of the person above it only shows how blinded they are. What is in Brazil that most criminals hide? They have a law that no other country can arrest anyone despite of citizenship who resides in their country. Tell Mr. Soriano to step out of Brazil and let's see if the InterPol will not go after him. Another proof of not knowing what is really happening. Anyway what was shown to them and explanation about his cases are all previous ones but the other cases which are really with hard evidence they hide it from their members. DEBATE!...That is what they are good at!. I challenge Soriano to prove that his travel to Brazil is not about hiding and pure mission. IF he says about mission then I challenge him to have a vacation in the Philippines before 2015 ends. I bet he won't do that and would cite a lot of reasons.

  16. debating with soriano on air without a moderator is a devil's trap!!!! and in case someone get's trapped, advice them to asked soriano the very same questions like; was the flood during noah's time global or local?? when did death first entered the world, what is the age of the earth(roughly) , and lastly, may puwet ba ang diyos niya.. sa mga tanong na yan ay wala na siyang kapana panalo dahil if he will insist the very same answer na isinagot niya kay Dr. Grady ay lalabas na talagang mali siya!! then, kung sasagutin niya naman ng tamang sagot (bible based) ay lalabas namang MR. CONTRADICTION TALAGA SIYA dahil bakit paiba iba ang sagot niya......recorded na lahat at hindi na niya ma re retrieved!!!! the most sensible preacher ba siya o the the most senseless preacher of our time!!!!

  17. Having a debate with Bro. Eli Soriano is not a trap. False preachers call it a trap as an excuse for their loss in the debate. They could choose whether they want to have a moderator or not. Some chose not to have because they thought that they could defeat Bro. Eli Soriano with just a few Bible verses they've misinterpreted. And even if you repeat your questions over and over again, you would get the same answers.
    Also, Bro. Eli Soriano do not contradict himself because his answers comes from the Bible, and the Bible do not contradict itself. That is why he is called "the most sensible preacher of our time" simply because his answers are based on facts.

    - Lansz

  18. Truly as what he said comes from his own idea. I never read a word that comes from the bible to support his analysis or what ever u call this regardig mcgi a cult, but all I can say is please be biblical to be fair and I pity those who believed and trust his blog, for as what prophet Jeremiah said in (Jeremiah 17:5) Thus saith the LORD; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD.

  19. Iglesia ni Manalo ata tong "gong-gong" na ito kaya ayaw pa awat

  20. Halatang halata naman na biased tong "gong gong" na to eh. Kahit kailan hindi ko ginanito ang anu mang samahan. Pero ang isang to laki ng galit eh. Napahiya siguro to ng todong todo.

  21. Eli Soriano is not just a cult leader but also a very well known homosexual male rapist wanted by the International Police (Inter Pol)

    check it out -

  22. no matter what this blogger thing for sure...God uses Bro.Eli to change my previous evil ways....with God's help....I have changed for good after Bro.Eli taught me the complete doctrines of Christ that I need to follow. For half a decade, I haven't tasted wines or liquors,no cgarettes, no woman besides my wife, no vices, no more gambling....for half a decade, I had practiced to be more affectionate towards fellow brethren and other people, for half a decade, I have learned to be humble...learned to mingle to all types of people....for half a decade I haven't cheated anybody, I have given more respect to my parents and relatives, I ve been more responsible on my own household and peers.....etc...etc....all these good things because of the doctrines of Christ that was taught to me by Bo.Eli....and with God's help.....I will hold steadfast till the end....

    How about this blogger?? can he look at the mirror and say to himself that he wholeheartedly follows Christ Doctrines??? I bet this person still celebrates Christmas as most, if not all so called Christians do......I bet this blogger still have some vices...

    I'm a Dennis, a Senior Project Designer working in the biggest Landscape Firm in Asia, Im saying this not for anything else, but for telling you that I am not a fool, I wasn't brainwashed....I have done a number of researched and studies practically on all religions since my highschooldays, and I thanked God that I had the chance to watched Bro.Eli on his programmes....and I attest that He is the most sensible Preacher of this generation.........again, I'm Dennis of Locale of Hongkong...and Im proud to say, Im an MCGI! to God be the Glory!

  23. To the blogger:

    You are the one who is blinded. Blinded by those people who paid you. Deny it or not, we are convinced that you are doing this becuase someone told you so! You are boasting that you are doing this out of concern? No it's not! You do not even have the concern to people! You know by yourself that Mr. Soriano is teching the truth and he based it ALL from the bible, then you are crying to the people that he is a liar and misleader? oh come on man! We tell you now, you should delete this blog now becuase in due time you will reap God's revenge for defaming a man of God. Try to reach out a bhand to the poor rather than telling tales here in your nonsense blog! Shame on you!




    Learn to watch your words kid. If you can't understand anything, don't make a fool out of people. If you're in a state of confusion, don't try to pull people down there. Find ways to help yourself. You'll get there if you're going to try sincerely.

    I believe there are only a few reasons why this blog exists: a) envy b) the perks of being misled c) there's great cash coming

    Take care of your dignity, bet you still have any. And if you're rooting for sympathy, I'll give it wholeheartedly.

    I'll pray for you.

    - Dr. Nit, Dept. of Psychology

  25. this blogger must be a member of Iglesia Ni Manalo

  26. I've been listening to Bro. Eli Soriano since May of this year. And as I confessed to all of you, My family and I are currently members of Iglesia Ni Cristo. I discover MCGI through my boyfriend whose family is a member of. And as months passed by, I started to question my faith in my church which is a number one enemy of Bro. Eli. But as for me, as for my evaluation to the teachings and doctrines of Christ that he is preaching at this very moment, all I can say is BRAVO!! I never saw that kind of teachings, the way he delivers it BIBLICALLY. Bro. Eli doesnt required you or FORCE you to join the church, most of the time he would just said that just listen to the doctrines and IT WILL ALWAYS BE UP TO THE LISTENER IF HE/SHE WANTS TO JOIN THE CHURCH. and being an example, my boyfriend though he is not yet a member, he is already practicing the doctrines of the church. HE NEVER CHEATED ON ME IN THE SPAN OF OUR 2 YEARS TOGETHER UNTIL NOW, HE DOESNT HAVE ANY VICES (LIQUORS, BEERS, CIGARETTES AND THE LIKE), HE NEVER WANTED TO SEE GIRLS WEARING MINI SKIRTS, HEAVY MAKE UPS, SHORTS AND OTHER INDECENT WEARING. And all these things is because of the teachings inside the CHURCH OF GOD in which Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon is preaching. So, as to the blogger, YOU MUST OPEN YOUR EYES, HEART AD MIND. LET CHRIST FILL YOUR HEART :) TRY AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN YOURSELF. TO GOD BE THE GLORY :)

    1. To Mr. Soriano's credit, he is able to discipline and transform a high percentage of his members away from vices and worldliness. I too became a member and was convinced based on his TV appearances and teachings but inside, it is where I found some rather disturbing practices and false teachings:
      1. Commerce within the congregation or church building that sells a numerous items. Jesus had only one recorded occasion of demonstrating some physically violent behavior (justified of course) and that is when he turned down the tables of people trading goods just outside of the temple or the house of worship. In MCGI, however, the goods or merchandise are even being sold inside!
      2. It's a sin for a woman to have her hair cut at any length.
      3. Isaiah prophecies fulfilled in MCGI where other denominations are also staking their claim.
      4. He bashes about the practice of Christmas of Catholics and eliminated it but then he substituted celebration of his and Daniel's birthdays as part of their 3-days of consecutive celebrations. Members hardly ever have free time as these and other "International Thanksgiving" eat away at their time. It is this one practice that makes it a cult.
      5. Public confession of your sins so he can prescribe the punishment (usually suspension) and when to forgive you.

      These are but to name a few of the non-biblical teachings and practices inside MCGI but what really made me decide to leave is when he refused discussion because according to him he is not discussing (debating) doctrines with any of his members.

  27. To: Wolf in the Henhouse

    Good Job :) God Yahweh, Jesus Christ the Messiah and the Holy Spirit will protect you :) for all members of MCGI you need open your eyes :(

  28. I am a member of the Church of God International and here is my experience inside.

    I was born and raised as a catholic. Before i became a member, i drink a lot of alcoholic beverages, i do hang out with friends for night time parties and happily being unfaithful to my girlfriend. Then one day, i had a chance to watch his program Ang Dating Daan. It immediately got my attention not knowingly i actually watching it everyday. I decided then to attend the mass indoctrination. All of the teachings taught by Bro Eli came from the bible strictly. Workers even gave me free bible, notebook, pen and meal. That experience while hearing the gospels feels like i wanted to sit there all day and night long. First time to cry after a long period of time when Bro Eli led the prayer. After the indoctrination, i decided to be baptized. No people, not even bro eli forced me to be a member. After being baptized, it was the most happiest moment in my life! The "me" before who was a lover of this world became the one who is faithfully and lovingly praise God. I am an active member who always attend 3 gatherings in a week, the prayer meeting, thanksgiving and worship service. I am also enjoying the event called thanksgiving of the body that are being held quarterly wherein all bethrens all over the world joins together to praise and hear the deepest message of our almighty God and our savior Lord Jesus Christ. Every month, more and more souls are being baptized with the number of 2000-5000 in average. Today i am a member of Lingap Kapatid Dept who helps disabled and sick people. I am member who witnesses how he helps people financially, medically and spiritually during consultation.

    In my opinion, this is the only church in the whole wide world that trully obeys Gods law and commandment, no more no less. For those people who accusses bro Eli, specially for the author of this blog, YOU DO NOT REALLY KNOW BRO ELI.

    Ill site misconcepcions about bro Eli and the church.
    1. Never did he proclaimed himself that he is GOD, AN ANGEL OR SOMETHING.
    2. Bro Eli always encourages us to read bible. Reading the bible is also a part in a gathering.
    3. For the case such as rape case and others, all are already dismissed by the Supreme Court. Those cases are manipulated by the former president GMA and his party under the influence of INC that is why the cases are being reviewed.
    4. The true salvation in the bible that he was teaching is this: Rev 12:20 KJV " And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works." The path through salvation is the church of God that was already prepared even before the world was and was bought by the blood of Christ in order for us to be saved. Once u have accepted His doctrine, u are also accepting Jesus Christ as ur savior. But accepting Jesus Christ and faith alone doesnt stop there, for Christians who follows Him must also OBEY HIS COMMANDMENTS. These are the WORKS created by Him that must be obey and not the works created by human. At the time of judgement, all human being will be judgd according to the gospel or what was written.
    5. Bro Eli teaches that not only the member in church will be save. Even gentiles who doesnt even heard the bible but with good heart and conscience will be save. Even people who are beig misled by false pastors might have a chance to be saved as well.

    I guess that the author of this blog is a born again member. We members actually undrstand people like you. We are not blind and we faithfully know we are not being deceive.

    Im rael, a Licensed Physical Therapist and holding a Masters Degree in the Phil and God willing soon in the US.

    My advice for this author, repent and try to attend bro Eli's mass indoctrination. You can search freely inside the church. God bless!

    1. My brother before when we are young use to be a responsible one. He is full of respect to our parents and a loving brother to us. His character changed when he was involved in ANG DATING DAAN. The brother whom i have known to be very much loving before was gone. He become greedy, high tempered , impulsive and disrespectful to my parents. I as her younger Sister saw and observed the changes in Him. I even interviewed relatives of people who became member of this so called church and they all said same experience with the member of their family who was recruited by this church. I watched ELI SORIANO, I observed , I critically evaluated everything on what he says and I conclude one thing. It explained everything on what happened to my brother, How your minds were being manipulated by your leader. Our LORD GOD knows what is happening. At the END OF TIME..GOD will punished whoever mislead HIS people! And no one among you will be spared!

    2. Hello Bro. Rael.
      The author may be too negatively biased about Mr. Soriano and I agree with you on the points you've taken out about Mr. Soriano except for #3.
      If the case is dismissed then why doesn't he go back? No it's dismissed for it it is still active and it's really working for his good for he now has an excuse not to face the new challenges for debate.

      Mr. Soriano is only bluffing or faking it when it comes to facing the new challengers for the time has come that some of his doctrines can be disproved within minutes.
      If a member declares he/she wants to get out then such member will be tried to be clawed back by sending a "church worker" and if they assessed that the member knows what he or she is talking about in private then Mr. Soriano may give chance to ask question in public during a congregation but he will block any attempt for the member to answer back for his false teaching will be exposed even in just one sentence after his explanation.

      IN OTHER WORDS HE CANNOT EVEN FACE HIS OWN MEMBERS THAT WERE LATER ENLIGHTENED using the convenient excuse that he is not debating any of his member.

      Be careful about fragmented verses stitched together to look like they are supporting each other. That is how Mr. Soriano deceives his members.
      Pray with humility for the H.S. to guide you whether you are missing something and study the bible from other point of views and not just according to what Mr. Soriano lays on the table.

  29. Btw YAHWEH is not in the bible. Must stick only with the original. Adding letters is a grave sin which was mentioned in the bible. Just call Him Father respectedly like ur father here on earth, He will surely understand you for God the wisest and understanding Father.


    1. Hi, which book, chapter and verses that says adding letters is a grave sin? Please tell me... Thank you

    2. The Lord has commanded not to add or take away anything.

      "Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish ought from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the Lord your God which I command you." - Deuteronomy 4:2

      "What thing soever I command you, observe to do it: thou shalt not add thereto, nor diminish from it." - Deuteronomy 12:32

      "And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book." - Revelations 22:19

    3. Thank so much brother. Would that mean that they should not have change or invented? the name to "JEHOVAH" as well? Sorry, needed something to explain to the witnesses...

    4. The Bible tells us that the Lord's name is YHWH.
      It essentially means "I AM WHO I AM".

      You will notice there is no vowel, which makes it difficult to pronounce. And because Jews are afraid to accidentally take the name of the Lord in vain, many Hebrew writings use "Adonai" (meaning Lord) and "Elohim" (God) instead of saying YHWH aloud.

      The vowels used in 'Adonai' and 'Elohim' found their way in to the Greek Manuscripts and eventually into Latin. “Jehovah” is actually a much later (probably 16th century) variant in Latin that means "he who will be, is, and has been."

      Christians recognize the term Jehovah to identify God and God alone, although most believe this is not the divine name revealed to Israel. Even the cult "Jehovah's Witness" understands this etymology of God's name.

      The safest and nearest name would still be Yahweh.
      But calling God Jehovah does not diminish worship to Him.

      YAHWEH / JEHOVAH JIREH = "The Lord Will Provide"
      YAHWEH / JEHOVAH RAPHA = "The Lord Who Heals"
      YAHWEH / JEHOVAH NISSI = "The Lord Our Banner"
      YAHWEH / JEHOVAH M'KADDESH = "The Lord Who Sanctifies, Makes Holy"
      YAHWEH / JEHOVAH SHALOM = "The Lord Our Peace"
      YAHWEH / JEHOVAH TSIDKENU = "The Lord Our Righteousness”
      YAHWEH / JEHOVAH ROHI = "The Lord Our Shepherd"
      YAHWEH / JEHOVAH SHAMMAH: "The Lord Is There”
      YAHWEH / JEHOVAH SABAOTH: "The Lord of Hosts"

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  31. Brother Eli is not a false preacher and MCGI is definitely not a cult. All Borther Eli’s teachings are purely base from the bible. But let me give some example of a cult.

    Born Again Christian is an obvious example of a cult. Why? First of all, we cannot read any verse in the bible that tells us about born again christian. It is because the term “born again” itself is an experience of a christian and not a name of a religious group. They don’t know about it. But in spite of them being cultic, they don’t want to admit it but rather making excuses like telling people that there are some christians who are not born again yet. They rely their faith on their cultural beliefs.

    They even practice predicting things to happen. But if we notice, none of their predictions came true. We can read it on their Wikipedias and watch them on youtube. They will say they have faith healers like Benny Hinn, but the whole American people knew that they don’t even have one legitimate person that has been healed. False preachers are like that, always giving false hope to people. One example is Pat Robertson. Here is the wikipedia of Pat Robertson.

    We can read and notice his predictions. None of his predictions has really come to pass. And if we watch him on youtube, we can see that even now, 2015, he never stop making fail predictions which he said that God told him so. Here are some examples….

    After he said that God told him that Romney will win, he laugh so much even though It’s not funny. And the result of his prediction, false hope.

    If we want to test brother Eli’s spirit, we can ask him about the bible. Then it is up to us to judge if he is really telling the truth or not. God bless to everyone and may God guide us to enlightenment.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. ha ha ha the author removes my comment. they just want a false statement to cover these lies. may god open your heart and mind.

  33. Whoever the author is, I deeply pity you. You're truly ignorant of what the 'truth' really is. And please, kindly read this blog if you ever have time to slander this kind man again:

  34. Hi! i have watched Eli's program on tv where he answers questions from different persons coming from other groups, such as the SDA and catholics. All his answers are based on the bible, I even have my own bible on hand just to be sure. I have not seen yet anything that have contradicted the scriptures. By the way, I used to be a member of an evangelical group but I left because of false teachings. Just could not take it. Now, I do not belong to any group for the past two years. I am very careful and watchful now. Jesus said that we should watch so that we will not be deceived. I will continue to watch his programs and continue also to be alert and watchful for false teachings.

  35. Nasa talampakan po ang utak ng author ng blog na ito. Wag na po niyo patulan ang sira ang ulo

  36. Kaawaan ng Dios ang author na ito na nagsasalita sa kamangmangan

  37. Author is blinde by satan his father.May God pity you

  38. Just go on a debate against eli soriano and we'll see if u can stand even just asingle argument. Come back to me if u can broadcast and be asked live on tv just like what he's doing. Dumb blog.

  39. The author is obviously stupid If he knows so much about religion and biblical truths then why does he waste his time with stupid blogs like this..Magtanim k na lang ng talong sa bukid aksaya ka ng oras!

  40. To the author please keep you stupid ideas to yourself.. Please debate with Brod eli and let's see if u measure up.. Even pastors in Brazil and south america and the united states could not beat him.. And you? Never mind. Basura ang blog mo!

  41. Why Are You Doing This The MCGI Is A Great Christian Church It Has A Many Truth In The Bible And Why Are You Bashing The MCGI There So Many Innocent Members That Being Because Of You WTHH. The MCGI Was The True Religion And You Have Stupid-dupid Ideas Who Said You That The INC Or Satantiago

  42. May mga tao talagang hindi pinahintulutan ng Dios na buksan ang kanilang kaisipan sa katotohanan. Salamat po sa Dios pinagkalooban tayo ng pang-unawa. Sa Dios ang lahat ng karangalan at kapurihan magpakailan man.

    1. ganon pa man, maawa na lang tayo, pagdasal na lang antin na mamulat sila sa tamang landas. di ba nga kugn buo ang butil ng mustasa , pagsikapan lumai at yumaong magkasanga na pwedeng dapuan ng mga BUWITRE o AGILA, pwede pa din sila magbago. Salamat sa Dios

    2. ganon pa man, maawa na lang tayo, pagdasal na lang natin na mamulat sila sa tamang landas. di ba nga kugn buo ang butil ng mustasa , pagsikapan lumaki at yumabong magkasanga na pwedeng dapuan ng mga BUWITRE o AGILA, pwede pa din sila magbago. Salamat sa Dios

  43. Cult? Before I was a Catholic, what happen to me? Well, I learn how to drink wine, smoking or even drugs, did I learned from the catholic? No, because I dont know the doctrince, no one teaches me, then I became born again what happen? Yes they do read the bible, but it's not complete, why? because they can't explain to me when I ask many question, still I drink, smoking, gambling, girls, and I got worst then ever. When I found out about MCGI, I learned many things, all is said, teaches in the bible, complete and very clear. YOu can also ask question about God and his words, you can learn more as long as you want, like not just believing Christ but u have to do his teachings what will you do to becomea a true Christian. ALL IS GOOD, I became good when I follow Christ, I learned a lot of things good and bad, all teachings came from the bible and its GOOD!, like love one another, dont hate your enemies, learn to obey your parents, prohibitted foods, now how can you say it is a cult? To all who read this blog, don't believe this, ready the bible instead reading this because for sure this is not the WORK OF GOD but evil.

  44. Cult daw...hindi nman masama ang Cult