Wednesday, July 10, 2013

No Such Thing As "Second Coming"?

Did you know, that Eli Soriano does not believe in Jesus' second coming? "Why?" you might ask, does Eli Soriano, the supposed "most sensible" of preachers, NOT believe in Christ's second coming? His answer is as plain as it is insultingly stupid. Believe it or not, Soriano answers this question with, "The word "second coming" is not found in the Bible."

He will go as far as challenge the listeners to look for it in scripture. He adds, "the term second coming is not true because it implies that Jesus only came to earth only once." This is not scriptural he says. And every preacher who tells his flock that there will be a second coming of Christ on earth is teaching "a very big mistake".

What could Eli Soriano possibly present as scriptural proof for yet another attention grabbing heresy? 

He cites 1 Corinthians 10:4... "And did all drink the same spiritual drink: for they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them: and that Rock was Christ." This is what Soriano bases his teaching on... that Christ suddenly appeared as a rock. A literal rock that spewed water to quench the thirst of the Israelites. This is what Soriano uses to teach that Christ came to earth before the New Testament times, so there is no such thing as a "second coming". Could he be deliberately ignoring the word "spiritual" in that verse? Or could he really be ignorant to the fact that "second coming" refers to the bodily return of Christ? 

We see plainly how Soriano mixes lies with Biblical truths.  What 1 Corinthians says is true and irrefutable scripture. Jesus was indeed the "spiritual" rock that quenched the thirst of the Israelites in the wilderness. But when Soriano insinuates Jesus incarnating himself as a rock (a physical one) he concludes that this is a "coming" of the Lord Jesus.

In 1 Corinthians 10:4, Paul says that the miracle had great symbolic significance. "That Rock was Christ." The Greek word used for "rock" is petra, the same word Christ used when He said that "upon this rock I will build my church" (Matthew 16:18). Christ is the foundation upon which the church is built (1 Corinthians 3:11).  So the true essence, the actual context of the scripture Soriano uses, refers to Christ IN SPIRIT. While the term "Second Coming" refers to the BODILY incarnation of Christ.

Jesus did not manifest himself as a rock as Soriano suggests, in fact the rock is a SYMBOLISM of Christ according to Paul.  Christ is also 
symbolized by the "living water," the "well of water springing up into everlasting life" (John 4:10, 14).  The actual rock from which the waters burst forth in the wilderness did not literally "follow them," of course, but "that spiritual Rock" did follow them, for Christ was there with them through all their years of wandering.  The literal water followed them too, keeping them alive for forty years. 
"When Moses struck the rock, God opened a mighty spring "out of the great depths" (Psalm 78:15), evidently tapping a deep pressurized aquifer from which waters emerged to form "streams also out of the rock" (Psalm 78:16).  These streams flowed continually in the desert for forty years, so the children of Israel could march and camp beside them as long as they were in the wilderness."  (The Spiritual Rock, Henry Morris) 
So what now Mr. Soriano? Your half-witted interpretation of scripture is exposed yet again. To what end does it benefit you to discredit preachers who teach of Christ's "Second Coming"? Personally I don't see anything you would gain other than brainwashed followers. But the Devil sure has a lot to cheer about. You just used the Bible to falsify the Bible by means of your shallow and ignorant interpretation. There are over 300 verses in the Bible telling of Jesus' return and coming reign and you dare refute it with one poorly interpreted verse? 

Jesus' return is true folks, the Bible attests to it over 300 times in different verses. Jesus is coming again to claim his redeemed and to rule over all. Words we use like "second coming" "rapture", "trinity", etc, may not be "written" in the Bible but it does not mean it is not true. These are names we give Biblical concepts so that we may refer to them easily.  Saying there is no truth to a "second coming" is the same as saying "he is not coming at all" with the way Soriano attacks this Biblical truth. 

I dearly pray for all those who are blindly following Eliseo Soriano. His lies are subtle and disguised as truths. Listen to what the Bible is actually saying and keep away from Satan's little helper telling you otherwise. His words are poison in small doses. You will not feel it right away but just like any poison, even in small amounts, will lead to destruction and death. Soriano is slowly and surely teaching his followers of a DIFFERENT god. One who denies scripture... one who has fallen from grace. 


  1. the BAklANG KAPANGPANGAN thinks that his opinion is more superior than the words of God written in the Bible!! his followers also approved of it!!! do not go beyond what is written as the bible says!!!! FACE PUTO IN COURT!!!!

  2. he had a debate with Dr. Grady and on that debate, he never believe that animals are created vegetarian though it was written!pero wala naman siyang maipakitang verse sa bible na nagpapatunay sa argumento niya!!! puro conclusion at opinion lang!! C'MON MR.KENGKOY...SPEAK UP!!


  4. Mr. Anonymous, talaga bang ulul si SORIANO???

  5. SO, lalabas na the first time na dumating ang Christ sa earth ay nung nasa disyerto ang mga israelites , halos 40 years yun , as soriano says!!( nasulat ba na ang pangalang CHRIST ay naibigay na sa kanya ng PANGINOONG DIYOS nung panahon na yon??) at kung ganyan ay lalabas na second coming na yung noong ipanganak siya ni Maria!! when the great persecutions happen, Saul was on his way to Damascus carrying with him a letter from the high priest which gives him authority to arrest the early converts of Christianity ay hinarang siya ng Cristo at binulag siya, yan ba ang pangatlong pagkakataon na ang Cristo ay bumaba sa lupa???? SO , LALABAS NA ANG JUDGMENT DAY PALA AY HINDI SECOND COMING KUNDI THE 4TH COMING OF CHRIST!!!! YAN EH KUNG SUSUNDIN ANG OPINYON NI SORIANING!!!! START ANALYSING THE TEACHINGS OF SORIANO AND YOU'LL END UP WITH SO MUCH CONFUSION......REMEMBER THAT GOD IUS NOT A GOD OF CONFUSION!!!! MABUTI NA LANG AT MAY IBANG NAKAKAUNAWA AT NAIHAHAYAG ANG MGA ILLUSSIONARY DOCTRINES OF THE SELF PROCLAIMED DUKHANG PANTAS, A GAY PREACHER WHO BOOSTED OF HAVING THE ABILITY THAT HE CAN READ THE BIBLE EVEN IN THE DARK!!!


  7. Iglesia sodomista nga eh...siyempre dapat impressive!!


  9. another self humilliating statement from the self proclaimed pantas...eli soriano!! wala kang kadala dala. noon, sin abi mo kay Dr. Grady na walang mababasa sa Biblia na ang noah's flood ay global pero nung basahin sa kanya ni Dr,. Grady yung mismong talata ay napahiya siya. ngayon ay eto na naman. naghahamon siya at sinasabi niya na walang mababasa sa Biblia na magpapatunay na may SECOND COMING. oh !!mga member ng ADD! heto ang ebidensiya na may mababasa sa biblia na magpapatunay na may SECOND COMING. Mula ito kay Apostol Pablo, lalakeng mangangaral....hindi siya baklang palamura at hindi rin hambog na laging napapahiya. HEBREW 9:28 SO, CHRIST WAS SACRIFICED ONCE TO TAKE AWAY THE SINS OF MANY PEOPLE;AND HE WILL APPEAR A "SECOND TIME", NOT TO BEAR SIN, BUT TO BRING SALVATION TO THOSE WHO ARE WAITING FOR HIM. Sana naman ay matauhan na ang mga nadaya ni SORIANO. wag sana kayong magagalit kung maipakita namin ang mga mapandayang aral ni SORIANO!!!

  10. Hello guys, peace be with you. I'll just stick my comments on the topic raised by the blogger here. I had watch that video of soriano you are referring to. My observation is this, Soriano didn't deny that there will be judgement day, lets clear it out. What he is denying as based in the bible is the term "second coming". How can we be sure that is the second coming where it was not mentioned when was the first? 1 Corinthians 10:4 states... "And did all drink the same spiritual drink: for they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them: and that Rock was Christ." It is clearly stated that the Rock was Christ. That's why it was called a "spiritual drink" because i have seen some rocks where water comes out but it could not be spiritual and why? its because the presence of Christ was not there. So what the bible is saying is in that rock Christ spirit was there. It is Christ that make the water to be a spiritual drink and not the Rock make Christ a literal rock. Why is it that we insist the term "second coming when it cannot be seen in the bible? And he never denied the judgement day just like what the blogger is trying to present here. In Hebrew 9:26-28 " for then he would have had to suffer repeatedly since the foundation of the world. But as it is, he has appeared once for all at the end of the ages to put away sin by the sacrifice of himself. 27 And just as it is appointed for man to die once, and after that comes judgment, 28 so Christ, having been offered once to bear the sins of many, will appear a second time, not to deal with sin but to save those who are eagerly waiting for him.-lets analyze this, the Apostle Paul used the term here "appear" even in verse 26 he said "he appeared once and for all" so literally on judgement day we can say (and it is stated in the bible) he will "appear" on the second time. But why Paul would use the word "appear" rather than "come" or "coming"? That is because Christ had come here before but not literally appeared! that's what the spiritual drink or rock is saying that Christ is in there. If he's in there, meaning he had come here before he was born as a man through Mary. I believe in that because Christ is a God. When Christ died, his body was gone in the tomb, then after several days he appeared to the apostles, if Paul would count that, it should be Christ second appearance! The point here is, we should not dwell on if it is 1st, 2nd or 3rd coming or appearance of Christ, but we rather dwell and be prepared on his coming back and judgement to us. And i understand that's what soriano is explaining. He believed Christ will be back, he just explain that it cannot be determined if for how many times that would be.

    1. Soriano's approach to scripture is obvious. He'll tell you of something true, and then tell you of something else that isn't. All the while making you think that both things are true.

      You see, the whole Bible is about Jesus. The Old Testament in particular declares his coming to save the world, while the New testament chronicles his arrival and stay, and prophesies his return and coming reign. Intentionally mixing them up to arrive at a sorry interpretation is the work of one intent to confuse. Soriano is skilled in that regard.

      Believing that there is no such thing as a second coming, would be believing that there won't be a coming reign or judgement either. Both points deny what the Bible is clearly saying even from a genuinely neutral point of view.

    2. the word second coming is the same as re appearing!! in the case of the SO CALLED SECOND COMING OF THE SAVIOUR, reappearing means to be visible to human eye. so, second coming or the reappearance of CHRIST are one and the same. If the reappearing of Christ cannot be counted as his second coming because of that spiritual rock as SORIANO CLAIMED TO BE, then prove that what the ISRAELITE saw inthe desert was not a literal rock .

    3. That's our problem here because its us that insist our own understanding and not what is stated in the bible. I already posted that based on the video of soriano, he didn't deny the judgement day or the coming of Christ. It is the term "second coming" he was explaining that biblically speaking, we cannot say that it will be second coming! We keep on insisting that it will be second coming when its not stated by the Apostles or by Christ. But regarding His "coming" to judge us, there is no question about that and he believes in that! That's the very reason he is preaching for the people to prepare for that one day (including himself of course).

      Why can't we understand that the point soriano is raising is the term "second Coming". That is unbiblical. But if you say that Christ will be back as he had promised, we agree on that, we just can't say it will be the 2nd or 3rd or whatever. Is it possible that i can believe in judgement day but not believe in the term second coming? Of course! it is only the frequency of his coming here that i cannot be sure as based on the bible because it was not stated.

    4. How can you say that second coming is the same as re-appearing? Where can we find it in the bible? Of course our basis here is the bible because we believe it is the word of God. Which of us now is making his own interpretations and twisting the scriptures? Do you think Christ will not be capable to come here without being seen? Let's say I will accept your statement that SECOND COMING IS THE SAME AS REAPPEARING,logically you're saying when the bible says in Mark 16:9 9 NOW WHEN HE ROSE EARLY ON THE FIRST DAY OF THE WEEK, HE APPEARED FIRST TO MARY MAGDALENE, FROM WHOM HE HAD CAST OUT SEVEN DEMONS. Please read these carefully, "he appeared first to Mary Magdalene" So you're saying this was Christ first coming? If you insist that coming is the same as appearing. If we continue reading, in verse 12 on the same book and chapter it says: AFTER THESE THINGS HE APPEARED IN ANOTHER FORM TO TWO OF THEM, AS THEY WERE WALKING INTO THE COUNTRY. the term "appeared was also used, if coming and appearing is of one meaning, what will you call this because the first appearance was made with Mary Magdalene? Logically based on your own interpretation this will be your second coming of Christ! Furthermore in verse 14 it says: AFTERWARD HE APPEARED TO THE ELEVEN THEMSELVES AS THEY WERE RECLINING AT TABLE, AND HE REBUKED THEM FOR THEIR UNBELIEF AND HARDNESS OF HEART, BECAUSE THEY HAD NOT BELIEVE THOSE WHO SAW HIM AFTER HE HAD RISEN. Please just look at the words APPEAR and analyze it. Because if you insist that coming is the same as appearing, base on the book of Mark Chapter 16 alone , this will be Christ third coming which will be completely against on your stand of the term "second coming". We can say that your stand and the holy scriptures contradicts! Coming is not the same as appearing! Please, for the sake of all readers here understand the bible by itself and not by your own understanding.

    5. I don't disagree that what the Israelites saw was a rock, but please don't disagree to the bible statement in 1 Corinthians 10:4 stating: "that rock was Christ" I may disagree with you rather than disagree with the holy scriptures. It is clearly stated, that rock was Christ! Can it be possible that Christ be present in the form of Rock? of course if he wants to, everything was created through him. John 1:1-3 says: ALL THINGS WERE MADE THROUGH HIM, AND WITHOUT HIM WAS NOT ANYTHING MADE THAT WAS MADE. Just stick to that statement, and i believe that because the rock alone with its flowing water will not be called a spiritual drink and a spiritual rock without the presence of God or Christ or the holy spirit. During Christ baptism, the holy spirit came down in the form of a dove, how much more the Son of God if he wants to be in the form of rock. In this case it was clearly stated, that rock was Christ. Its really a wonder why its difficult for you to accept and understand that and prefer to go against the scriptures and make your own interpretations.

    6. That is the very reason Apostle Paul used the term "appear" for the second time because it is different to coming. His first appearance was as a man when he was born by Mary until he ascended to heaven, Paul didn't count the reappearing Christ made after his resurrection to be the 2nd, 3rd or 4th because it is clear, even His body was lost in the tomb, that Christ was still here with us during those times but cannot be seen . He just show himself to whom he wants to be seen and recognized. Because there were persons Christ appeared but was not able to recognize him until they have eaten together, in Luke 24:13-31, at the very moment they recognized him, Christ vanished. Here, Christ vanished while they were on the same table eating, his "reappearing" that followed was with the Disciples. That's literal reappearing, you cannot reappear physically if you are already or presently appearing. On judgement day, he will appear for the second time as stated in HEBREW 9:28 SO, CHRIST WAS SACRIFICED ONCE TO TAKE AWAY THE SINS OF MANY PEOPLE;AND HE WILL APPEAR A "SECOND TIME", NOT TO BEAR SIN, BUT TO BRING SALVATION TO THOSE WHO ARE WAITING FOR HIM. It is clearly stated he will APPEAR a second time, NOT COME OR COMING. If you will insists that Coming and appearing/reappearing is of the same meaning, much more that it will be impossible to quote that it will be the second coming!You had given the meaning of reappearing, physically visible to the human eye, but that's not coming. When you play hide and seek, you know that your playmate hiding is around you but not physically visible to your eyes, when he suddenly show himself to you, it is illogical to say that "oh finally you come"! Instead you say, "finally you appear" because you know he was there but you can't see because he's hiding himself. The same Apostle Paul said appear for the second time because he knows that Christ is already existing and still around them after resurrection. Let us also note that those statements were made by Paul during His preaching, through writing a book for the Hebrews, meaning at that time Christ had already ascended to heaven sitting in the right side of the father. When he comes again (not the second time) he will "appear" for the second time. Because coming is biblically, logically different words with different meanings.

    7. To the WOLF,

      Where in the bible we can read that "Second Coming" refers to the BODILY incarnation of Christ? That's your own interpretation. Are you saying that what Christ body is having now is the same body he has before he died? Don't you know that his body as a man is the one that dies in the cross? That physical body cannot be brought up to heaven because it is corruptible. When he was resurrected, it was changed to incorruptible body. Because corruptible body cannot enter heaven, so its a new kind of body, A SPIRITUAL BODY. 1 Corinthians 15:50-I TELL YOU THIS BROTHERS:FLESH AND BLOOD CANNOT INHERIT THE KINGDOM OF GOD, NOR DOES THE PERISHABLE INHERIT THE IMPERISHABLE. BEHOLD! I TELL YOU A MYSTERY. WE SHALL NOT ALL SLEEP, BUT WE SHALL ALL BE CHANGED, IN A MOMENT, IN THE TWINKLING OF AN EYE, AT THE LAST TRUMPET. FOR THE TRUMPET WILL SOUND, AND THE DEAD WILL BE RAISED IMPERISHABLE, AND WE SHALL BE CHANGED. FOR THIS PERISHABLE BODY MUST PUT ON THE IMPERISHABLE, AND THIS MORTAL BODY MUST PUT ON IMMORTALITY. You might ask if it is spiritual body why the apostles able to see Christ after resurrection? The same with the spiritual rock and spiritual water the Israelites have seen and drunk. They are spiritual in nature but was seen, because its God's right if he wants his spirit to be seen or not why would we question that. In the coming of Christ he will be in a spiritual body. When Christ was brought here on Earth through Mary, that was the time he was Incarnated,from spirit form to a human flesh, from immaterial to material, Incarnation literally means embodied in flesh or taking on flesh from being immaterial/godly nature-Wikipedia. But after Christ's resurrection, his human flesh died, he was changed to an incorruptible body. If we understand the meaning of incarnation, its from spiritual state/nature to material or physical living form. Not from material to become spiritual form. On judgement day Christ will come here on Earth from heaven, if it was stated in the bible that corruptible body cannot enter heaven it is logical that Christ on judgement day is not having a physical body anymore, its not an incarnated form anymore because biblically speaking during resurrection this perishable will be changed to Imperishable, and base on the definition of the word "incarnation" it is from spiritual to physical, that is the time when Christ came through Mary. You should understand that what is incarnation and what kind of body will be allowed to enter heaven. That's what i'm saying in my previous comments here, we should understand what we are saying here guys. Your statement "Second Coming refers to the BODILY incarnation of Christ" is clearly not in the bible and against the bible. Because his human flesh already died, it cannot brought up to heaven biblically speaking, on judgement day Christ will come from heaven, are you saying he will be incarnated again? Will be given another human flesh on the time of judgement? That's not in the bible. What the bible says is during Christ judgement to us, we are the ones that will be changed. Both dead and alive. It says we shall not all sleep, but all be changed. That is true because on the glorious day they will be people that is still alive as humans, but they will be changed first together with the dead upon resurrecting them.

    8. Clarification: Because coming and reappearing/appearing are biblically, logically different words with different meanings.

    9. You are missing the point of the blog post. The question here is not whether Jesus came to earth as a rock, as an angel, as a pillar of fire, or whatever. Neither is it about the frequency.

      Jesus does not need to come to earth because he is everywhere, all the time. When, where, and how he chooses to appear is a matter of manifestation so that man's feeble mind can grasp it.

      The bodily incarnations I am referring to is in the flesh (John 1 "word became flesh"). Yes, that flesh was destroyed at the crucifixion but it has since been glorified (renewed). This is the same Jesus that will COME AGAIN.

    10. See! you don't really know what your saying, you stated in the blog "Second Coming" refers to the BODILY INCARNATION of Christ! Now you're saying it has been glorified (RENEWED), which is exactly to what I have posted. Since it was glorified and renewed, that's not an INCARNATED body at all! Watch your feeble mind my friend.
      Here's another MISUNDERSTANDING you just have proven: you stated: "Jesus DOES NOT NEED TO COME to earth because HE IS EVERYWHERE, all the time." Your term "DOES NOT NEED TO COME" go against your misunderstood "SECOND COMING"! I know you get that idea from Matthew 28:20 " teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” If you understand that verse, "OBSERVE ALL THAT I HAVE COMMANDED YOU. and BEHOLD, I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS TO THE END OF THE AGE. following ALL his commandments is the proof that Christ is with us! but now, presently, where is he after Commissioning the Apostles? the bible says: Luke 16:19 "So then the Lord Jesus, after he had spoken to them, WAS TAKEN UP INTO HEAVEN AND SAT DOWN AT THE RIGHT HAND OF GOD." in your own interpretation you saying that this verse is wrong! Because Christ is everywhere. And how can you insist Second coming but now saying Christ doesn't need to come? In Matthew 16:27 "For the Son of Man is going to COME with his angels in the glory of his Father, and then he will repay each person according to what he has done."-THIS WILL BE ON JUDGEMENT DAY, HE WILL COME! In verse 28 " Truly, I say to you, there are some standing here who will not taste death until they see the Son of Man COMING in his kingdom.”. At least, its starting to get clear to me who don't understand here what he's saying. That's my very point in commenting here eversince, i'm willing to claim i'm wrong if that will lead me to salvation, but all i will write and depend here will be in accordance of what stated in the Bible! And it proves you are the one saying you don't understand. INCARNATION become RENEWED, SECOND COMING becomes NO NEED TO COME. I hope this helps everyone out there reading this blog. Read the bible, listen from everyone's understanding and ask God for grace to understand it. Analyze it and see what's true and having feeble mind.

    11. You cited from the book THE SPIRITUAL ROCK by Henry Morris. Based on those statements by the author of that book (based just on what you have posted) he explains scientifically how the water came out and where it came from. BUT IT/He DOESN'T DENY THAT CHRIST WAS THERE, as what the bible says "That Rock was Christ". And even if Mr. Morris would say that, it just simply proves YOU PREFER his own interpretation than that of the bible! how could you cite that part of the book wherein in doesn't say that Christ WAS NOT IN THAT ROCK! Even if Mr. Morris could explain scientifically how the water comes out or where it comes from it doesn't follow that Christ was not there. (And the author does not even cited or deny Christ's presence there). Shall we say he'd say that, what's the difference of Mr. Morris interpretation than Soriano's interpretation since they are just the same man! Soriano depends his explanation using the bible, you disproved that using Mr. Morris book, which doesn't even say he's denying Christ presence in that rock. I suggest to look for other CLEAR sources/REFERENCES that would deny that, "THAT ROCK WAS CHRIST" because it clear in the bible that the rock referring is the one that was struck by Moises and where the Israelites have drunk.

    12. Like I said earlier in this conversation... you are missing the point.

      Christ has ALWAYS been with us.

      If he chooses to appear or not, does not matter.
      How he appears (a rock, a bird, an angel) does not matter either.
      What matters is HE IS WITH US ALWAYS.

      Now, regarding the post. If you were not too preoccupied in defending Soriano, you would have understood that Soriano is telling people that "Second Coming" is unbiblical.

      "Second Coming" is a biblical truth that is not actually named... just expressed (exhaustively) by the writers of the Bible. There are over 300 verses telling us that Jesus will come again and rule over all. This is after his first coming (in the flesh) when he died for our sins.

      Do you get it now?


      Thank you for your continued interest in this blog. Please share it along. And it would be great if you would name yourself and not remain Anonymous.

    13. Can you further explain that SECOND COMING refers to the BODILY INCARNATION of Christ? I tried my best to explain to you the difference of second coming and judgement day based in the bible, i tried my best to defend biblically that Christ was the rock pertaining to that the Israelites have drunk, after all that you'll just say IT DOESN'T MATTER! WHAT MATTERS IS HE IS WITH US ALWAYS. If that's the only thing here that matter, maybe that's the only thing you should have post in this whole Blog of yours. You're trying to dodge the misunderstandings you have that were just proven, SECOND COMING IS THE BODILY INCARNATION OF CHRIST? SECOND COMING then CHRIST DOES NOT HAVE TO COME BECAUSE HE'S EVERYWHERE? Then you'll just insist i'm missing the point, everything i have posted is supported by biblical texts while you prefer the book from Henry Morris. Review your posts and you'll see how you contradict yourself. YES! I AGREE THAT SECOND COMING IS UNBIBLICAL! JUST TAKE NOTE MY FRIEND,SECOND COMING IS NOT JUDGEMENT DAY BECAUSE IN YOUR WHOLE BLOG IF YOU JUST HONESTLY BASE ON THE BIBLE, YOU WILL NOT EVER PROVE THAT WHEN CHRIST WILL COME TO REIGN, IT WILL BE NOT THE SECOND TIME AROUND!
      Another ignorance of yours my friend, "SECOND COMING IS A BIBLICAL TRUTH THAT IS NOT ACTUALLY NAMED..." you are so blessed to GIVE IT A NAME that when the BIBLE DIDN'T NAMED it as Second Coming! who are you to name it as second coming? And insist it here. Wake up!

    14. would you mind giving your name first? as the very source of this blog. You said The Wolf pertains to soriano but everytime you comment, that's the name that appears before your every comment. I'd prefer to have Anonymous than that "THE WOLF IN THE HENHOUSE" in my comments. Actually, it fits you, one way or another.:-)

    15. WOW!!!, "Second Coming" is a biblical truth that is not actually named... JUST EXPRESSED (EXHAUSTIVELY)BY THE WRITERS OF THE BIBLE". How dare you ACCUSE THE PEOPLE WHO WROTE THE BIBLE my friend, that they have written it that way (EXHAUSTIVELY), you must blame your own hard heart to accept bible interpretations. Every scripture is inspired by God, written by the prophets and apostles, Its the will of God to be written that way and now because of your "pre-occupied mind" you'll blame the people who wrote, preach and even died for these books. Try to shave your fur Mr. Wolf, maybe its covering your eyes and mind.

    16. Mr. Soriano,

      Jesus did not come to Earth as a rock, he's just symbolized as a rock. Wrap that around your head.

      The Old Testament prophesied of Jesus' coming to save man from sin. It even tells us that we will not know him, it even tells us we will kill him. That is how Jesus is pictured in the Old Testament.

      In the New Testament, Jesus CAME to Earth as a MAN. He is the BODILY INCARNATION of God. In him, dwelt the fullness of the godhead BODILY. It is this body that we did not know, that we killed, that we nailed to the cross. NOT a rock.

      So DO NOT insist that the rock in the Old Testament is a coming of Christ that can take away your sins, nor is it something you can nail to a cross.


      Jesus is everywhere in spirit. A spirit has no flesh nor bones (no body). When Jesus BECAME FLESH, this is his First Coming. Jesus' bodily return (his Second Coming) will be soon. And no matter how much you deny it, it will happen.

      Being finicky about words like "appear" and "coming" in order to discredit the truth of Christ's return, won't help your cause.

    17. It's surprising to see you exclaim "wow" as if what I said was fantastical or outright impossible.

      Tell me, do you know what an "atheist" is?
      How about "atheism"?
      Do you know what "monotheism" means?
      Do you know what "trinity" means?
      How about "rapture"... have you heard of it?

      You see, these are Biblical concepts that have no names. Man just put a label on it, calling it this, and that, so it will be easier to identify.

      Here's another example from my feeble mind to yours... Pharaoh keeps putting off the release of Israelites from bondage. There are numerous chapters covering the plagues that God sent and each time Pharaoh delays what he should do. This is called "procrastination". In Tagalog, we know it as "mañana".

      You won't see "procrastination" in the Bible. Does it mean it doesn't happen, or it is not true?

      The same principle applies to the term "second coming". It is biblical truth that has no name, that man just named for him to better relate to it.


      Seriously, your line of reasoning mirrors Sorianos.

    18. I'm not asking how Christ came here in the new testament.Everyone knows that he was sent here as a man conceived by Mary through the holy spirit, everyone knows also that his purpose of coming as a man or Incarnated as you would prefer is to redeem us from sins through his blood and that is by Crucifixion. What i'm trying for you understand (if there's any chances that you'll understand)is about your statement above in your blog. Let's repeat it shall we.."SECOND COMING REFERS TO BODILY INCARNATION OF CHRIST" that's your statement above. I tried my best to prove to you biblically that in that time of Christ's glorious day where we will be judge, HE WILL BE NOT IN THE FORM AS INCARNATED (or flesh form) How could you state that then? When Christ will come here for us to judge us he is already having that glorious and renewed body, therefore your statement "SECOND COMING REFERS TO BODILY INCARNATION OF CHRIST" came from your ignorance and own misinterpretations. Then you'll answer: HE DOESN'T HAVE TO COME BECAUSE HE IS EVERYWHERE"! Are you out of your mind Mr. Wolf? Insisting that the term when Christ will come to judge us is SECOND COMING, then you'll say HE DOESN'T HAVE TO COME? I don't disagree that Christ was prophesized in Old testament to come in human form and die for our sins, the topic here is we are proving to you based in the bible that Christ had come here not in the form of flesh but as spirit, IN A ROCK, How could you call THAT ROCK AS SPIRITUAL IF CHRIST OR HIS SPIRIT WASN'T THERE? and that what the bible is clearly saying. Did i posted that "WHEN THE TIME HE CAME AS A ROCK, THAT WAS THE TIME HE REDEEMED US IN OUR SINS"? That's not what I'm saying and proving. I'm just proving he had come before based on the bible but i didn't deny that he still had come in a flesh! That's the very point that we can say it is second coming! Even Mr. Morris titled his book "THE SPIRITUAL ROCK" because i believe that he understood it not the way that you do. Then you'll say: "IT DOESN'T MATTER IF HE WILL SHOW HIMSELF AS A ROCK, AS A BIRD, OR ANGEL, WHAT MATTERS IS HE IS ALWAYS WITH US." You are the one diverting the topic!

      Our topic here is SECOND COMING, and to prove that it will not be the second time when he comes, that verse stating "THAT ROCK WAS CHRIST" is presented, you are one also who raise this verse above in your blog and you want to disprove. How could i'll be out of the topic?

      Another thing to clear to you, DO NOT COMPARE THE WORD SECOND COMING with ATHEISM, PROCRASTINATION..WHATSOEVER. How many times i have to explain to you that WE DON'T DISAGREE ON HIS COMING TO JUDGE US (although you have already stated that "HE DOESN'T HAVE TO COME BECAUSE HE'S EVERYWHERE") but the adjective "SECOND" It is a mathematical error if you will insist because you will not ever read a verse in the bible "THE FIRST TIME CHRIST CAME HERE IS WHEN HE CAME AS A MAN" Apostle Paul use the term "APPEAR", not COming! That's why biblically, it is illogical to describe his Coming to judge as is second "SECOND COMING"

    19. The topic here is Second Coming, if I say it wasn't in the bible (AND IS SURELY IS)it doesn't follow that I am saying that "everything or every word not mentioned in the bible is not true" How twisted your mind is to ask me where can I find those words when i'm not saying about those! Did I mention that "second coming, the same with atheism, atheist, monotheism, rapture etc. are not true because you can't read it in the bible" HOW NARROW YOUR MIND IS. Why would i say those when its not what we are talking about! "In the New Testament, Jesus CAME to Earth as a MAN. He is the BODILY INCARNATION of God."-i agree with this statement of yours, (AT LEAST AT SOME POINT, THERE STILL HOPE FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND) but this statement is not the same and will never be like what you have posted above ""SECOND COMING REFERS TO BODILY INCARNATION OF CHRIST". Because when he will come, its not in the incarnated form anymore.

      Another thing, you're quite surprised how i notice your wordS and comments, OF COURSE THAT'S WHERE I WILL BASE MY ANSWERS AND COMMENTS! Where else would I base my explanation to let you understand if not from your statements? Unless you yourself also have your own silly, defamatory-edited pictures of your own posted here. (THAT COULD BE AN INTERESTING TOPIC ASIDE FROM YOUR COMMENTS AND BLOGS:-)

      Clearly, and biblically, you're reasoning is of THE true WOLF.

    20. Clariffication: That's the very point that we CANNOT say it is second coming!

    21. "JESUS IS EVERYWHERE IN SPIRIT" - Really? Presently? if you will say yes you are really lost. READ THIS: 1 PETER 3:21 "Baptism, which corresponds to this, now saves you, not as a removal of dirt from the body but as an appeal to God for a good conscience, through the resurrection of Jesus Christ, 22 WHO HAS GONE INTO HEAVEN AND IS AT THE RIGHT HAND OF GOD, with angels, authorities, and powers having been subjected to him.". Want some more? ACTS 1:9 "And when he had said these things, as they were looking on, HE WAS LIFTED UP, and a cloud took him out of their sight. 10 And while they were gazing into heaven as he went, behold, two men stood by them in white robes, 11 and said, “Men of Galilee, why do you stand looking into heaven? THIS JESUS, who was TAKEN UP FROM YOU INTO HEAVEN, will come in the same way as you saw him go into heaven.”- Not enough? maybe this would help: ACTS 1:22"beginning from the baptism of John until the day WHEN HE WAS TAKEN UP FROM US—one of these men must become with us a witness to his resurrection.” Still can't grasp? Try this- Mark 16:19 "So then the Lord Jesus, after he had spoken to them, WAS TAKEN UP INTO HEAVEN AND SAT DOWN AT THE RIGHT HAND OF GOD. 20 And they went out and preached everywhere, while the Lord worked with them and confirmed the message by accompanying signs."-He is now in heaven seated in the right hand of God! It will be clear how lost you are if you will deny these verses and say "JESUS IS EVERYWHERE IN SPIRIT" That's the very reason you can say "HE DOESN'T HAVE TO COME BECAUSE HE IS EVERYWHERE" So clearly you are going against your belief in Christ's Coming, (which you again misunderstood to be "second coming")since he's already everywhere, that means he's also here already! Clearly you don't know what your posting.

    22. You are blabbering you know that?
      Your thoughts are in so many directions it resembles a tree.

      Rephrase your question in a clearer form, without your tirades. And I will answer as clearly as possible.

    23. You see, you just can't even understand now my questions which just were based on your blog. To make it simple, how could you say that SECOND COMING REFERS TO BODILY INCARNATION OF CHRIST? That's the simplest question i ever had, and i had presented above why that statement of yours is wrong biblically. Don't answer me that "CHRIST CAME HERE IN FLESH, THAT WAS THE TIME HE WAS INCARNATED." i'M NOT ASKING HOW HE CAME HERE TO SAVE US FROM SINS, BUT I'M ASKING AS BASED IN YOUR STATEMENT ABOVE, IN WHAT FORM WILL CHRIST WILL ON THE TIME HE WILL COME FOR US AND JUDGE US.

      Next question? HOW COULD YOU STATE THAT JESUS IS EVERYWHERE IN SPIRIT AS OF NOW OR PRESENTLY?-I have also sited 4 biblical verses here indicating where is now or presently, since the time he commissioned the apostles to spread the gospel.


      My answers are lengthy, but this are all biblical,and i'm just asking based on your comments too. To people who can't understand, i will be really blabbering, but if you just clear your mind from your own understanding and belief and try to digest, you might get it. I'm not telling you to affirm automatically everything i have posted, but i'm just asking CLEAR and BIBLICAL ANSWERS for us to see if who between our understandings are true or shall we say nearest to the truth. That's all Mr. Wolf

    24. I may be "blabbering" for you even i presented biblical answers, then what will you call this whole blog of yours? since you are trying to disprove the bible with the book The Spiritual Rock from a man Mr. Henry Morris? A book that didn't even stated contradictions with the bible statement "THAT ROCK WAS CHRIST"

    25. Me, trying to disprove the Bible?
      I don't know if you're being funny or being desperate.
      Henry Morris was the foremost Creationist/archaeologist who loved the Bible and he fervently believed in the 6-day Creation account of Genesis. He proved the Bible is literally a history book with enough accurate information to be inerrant.

      He found the actual spot where the Israelites crossed the Red Sea. He found physical proof of Egyptian chariots under the Red Sea. He found the actual spot of Sodom, He found the actual rock (what this blog post is referring to) that Moses struck, and he found the actual Noah's ark. It would not hurt you to do a little research before you make ignorant responses.

      Suggesting that the use of Morris' remarks are in anyway meant to disprove the Bible is stupid (sorry there is no kinder word for it).

      Everything the Bible says, Morris proved them to be true because of his archaeological discoveries. His finds were present just like where the Bible said they would be. If anything, Morris' life was dedicated to proving the Bible to be true.

      You sir, are all talk.

      You tell people to be open-minded. All the while it is you who would not even do a simple background check on Morris before you reply even with the Internet at your disposal.

    26. you haven't answered my "SIMPLE QUESTIONS" yet MR WOLF. If you can notice:-)

      Yes that could be true regarding Mr. Morris, but my another "SIMPLE QUESTION REGARDING THAT WILL BE, "DID HE LITERALLY DENIED CHRIST'S PRESENCE IN THAT ROCK IN THAT BOOK?" I doubt that because if so, he will not give his book a title "THE SPIRITUAL ROCK".


      Who's being close minded having these contradicting statements? You're a good reader i may say, but cannot understand. Resulting to inconsistent statements, misleading the many primarily yourself...Mr. Wolf.

      Am I all talk? did you hear my voice ever since i started posting here?:-)
      Let's have "SIMPLE DEFINITION"
      Talk-SPEAK in order to give information or express ideas or feelings; communicate by SPEECH-Oxford English Dictionary
      SPEECH-the expression of or the ability to express thoughts or feelings by ARTICULATE SOUNDS/LANGUAGE-Oxford English Dictionary

      You should start making your own search in proper use of words. Maybe that's the reason you contradict your blog with your own statements,how could you understand BIBLE MESSAGES WHEN YOU DON'T EVEN UNDERSTAND EACH WORD TO BE USED, MR. WOLF IN THE HENHOUSE/BLOGGER.

    27. If your not being stupid, i didn't mention that Mr. Morris disprove the bible, BUT YOU! You are the one who uses Mr. Morris citations from his book stating:

      "When Moses struck the rock, God opened a mighty spring "out of the great depths" (Psalm 78:15), evidently tapping a deep pressurized aquifer from which waters emerged to form "streams also out of the rock" (Psalm 78:16). These streams flowed continually in the desert for forty years, so the children of Israel could march and camp beside them as long as they were in the wilderness."

      But Mr. Morris didn't deny Christ's presence in the Rock Moses struck in those statements! You are the one using Mr.Morris statements to disprove the bible. I agree he believes in the bible and understands it not the way you misunderstood it.

      I know you even didn't have Mr. Morris permission to use those statements from his book because it came from Mr. Morris who understand the bible while you twist it the other way around using his Book. I can now clearly see why you can't reveal yourself who you really are because you will be an "endangered specie" if you will:-)

    28. Hello there Mr. Wolf/Blogger!? still finding answers to my "simple questions":-) Or have you already asked permission from Mr. Morris to use his Book to insist that the Rock struck by Moses was not Christ? Its quite some time since your last reply.

  11. Try to watch first the video of soriano what the blogger is referring to before we post any comment in fairness to both sides because what we are talking here will contribute to the faith of the many. We should be really careful of our words here guys. We cannot just read the points of the blogger here and add comments, and we further cannot judge anybody here using defamatory words to a single person, it is God's right to avenge, if Soriano is misleading his believers, God knows what to do to him in His glorious day. Let's just focus on the topic raised here to come up with the much convincing and really biblical explanation.

    1. There is actually a link to the video in the text above. You will need to hover over it for it to change color and be visible.


  13. Hahaha, Ang Dating Dagan. Ngayon ko lang napansin.

  14. Talagang maraming anak ni satanas ,katulad ng gumawa nitong Wolf in The Hen House,,puro naman kayo paninira na walang sapat na ebidesya,maaaring na-iinggit kayo ,oh di kaya hindi nyo kaya syang tapatan ?? tsk,tsk,tsk,,mahirap tlg sa tao kapag-binalutan ng masamang pag-iisip, ikakabubunga masamng gawain.
    haaaay,,tanga lang ang maniwala ka-agad sa page na ito.
    Matakot k sa Dios. alam mo puro kasinungalingan ang nasa pinagkakalat mo...bwaaaaahhhhh

  15. To the blogers and all the nettizens reading this blog it is written in the bible that their will come false christ may be the bloger was a fool not knowing the messages hidden in the bible may God open the mind of the the readers

    Don't belive this wolf his hidding like a viper in the grass (lobong maninila) post your tweeter account and the thruth will set you free